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Who: Dante, Cato
What: While Rampant is off doing his own thing, Dante is left utterly alone and without the means to do a damn thing about...anything. He has become very good at moping recently. He could really use his lover's comfort.

It's a human lullaby, one more reason why Yesterday just burnt awayCollapse )


Who: Rampant, Ate
What: Rampant is on the loose. Free. Himself. In complete control for as long as he likes. No one is around to stop him from doing whatever he wants. ...or is there?

I've really enjoyed my new point of view.Collapse )


|| Alchemy

Who: R!Dante and Rampant
What: Halloween never was Dante's favorite holiday... now he has even more of a reason to hate it.

I'm bigger now... I'm stronger now... My fingers curl... They're talons now...Collapse )


Cleaning Up Shop

Who: R!Dante and Atellus
What: An unexpected visitor; an unexpected second chance.

( Silence is the key. )


Who: R!Dante... and Nero? ...plus Cato later on.
What: Dante has had enough of this shit, he can't fucking remember what happened the day before again, and goes a little postal on his office.

The office was a mess.Collapse )


| | I am in it...where do I stand?


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